Hello! We code you relax Here is a group of professionals working to turn your ideas into a better place to surf

Departamento B  is a interdisciplinary team of professionals working together to develop solid digital projects.

We are visual artists, programmers and strategists that can help you from the conception of your idea to the realization of your project.

Become our next customer and be happy!

Lucas van Dongen

Programmer | Director

Laura Bonifasi

Designer | Director

Ralf Seeber

Concept Manager

Eugenia Calvo

Art & Visuals

Nana Gonzalez


Mobile applications

Take your business anywhere, any place with mobile applications for your smartphone or tablet.

Freed from the constraints of your desk you are now able to respond in real-time to any of your customers' demands.

Native iOS and Android applications are our core business, adding Windows Phone support depending your needs and customer demographic.


Modern browsers with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 capabilities that allow for a graphical presentation that is on par with printed media or desktop applications.

Our know-how in usability, SEO and internet marketing combined with our graphical designs and technical skills will result in websites that are both attractive and result in a healthy conversion rate.

Web applications

Applications used to take a long time to create and once in the wild it was hard to get every user to your latest version.

Web applications allow users from any place and on any platform to use the latest version of your software by simply reloading a browser page, allowing you to extend your platform at internet speed.